Enamel cover to form a roaster

The roaster cover is an innovative product that fits easily on all AKS trays, regardless of their depth, to form a roaster without limiting the use of the sliders..
Evolves cooking by offering:
- speed on cooking time, as it keeps steams inside the pot reaching and maintaining temperatures quicker.
- economy by using lower cooking temperature and less time
- less cleaning of the oven cavity, as less steam is goes to it

With the stainless steel grid, offered with the roaster cover and placed in the tray, a more beneficial to health cooking can be achieved by keeping dripping fat on the tray or by steam coooking vegetables. Just add some water under the grid level and place your vegetables on the grid!

The enamel surface of the cover is easy to clean. while the handle is stainless steel.
The grid is made of food safe stainless steel.

*With any combination of hob and oven ofAKS, except มวล andoffers in the e-shop of AKS.